Jun, 2019

Assistant Professor Ghani Al-Khakani met Chinese Ambassador in Baghdad

On Monday, 3rd, Jun 2019, the Assistant of the Head of Shiite Endowment, Dean of the College of Imam Al- Kadhum, Assistant Professor Ghani Al-Khakani  met Chinese Ambassador in Baghdad ,”Chang Tao”.  In the meeting they activated the scientific and cultural participants between  Shiite Endowment and China.

The meeting was characterized by a signing  an advanced level of cultural and scientific cooperation particularly getting number of fellowships in Chinese Universities. The agreement includes 20 employees of various fields administrative, scientific and functional aspects of the Office of the Shiite Endowment and Imam Kadhum College every year.

“We discussed with Chinese ambassador a number of tracks that will strengthen the joint cultural and scientific cooperation between the Shiite Endowments Bureau and the Chinese institutions,”Alkhagani” said, adding that Beijing’s scientific and know-how capabilities deserve attention and we look forward to this meeting and its important achievements. Universities and scientific centers in activating the departments of the Office and the College of Imam al-  Kadhum (p) by virtue of the assets of those

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