May, 2019

Faculty of Imam Al-Kadhum (AS) College hosted a meeting of the ministerial committee

The College of Imam Al- Kadhum College (AS) hosted the meeting of the ministerial committee on the development of curricula of law in Iraqi universities and colleges formed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Dr. Miri Al-Khakani, addressed a number of topics, The most important ones are: standardization of curricula and reliance on them as study subjects for students of law and work to upgrade them, as well as modernizing curricula in line with scientific development

Dean of the College of Imam Al-Kadhum (A), Assistant Professor Dr. Ghani Al-Khakani said that the meeting reached the visions and joint participants that foster the curriculum and mechanisms of coordination and scientific communication to achieve high levels of planned planning to serve the educational process in Iraq, adding that the purpose of the meeting is to develop a strategy of development and modernization The curriculum by adding all that is new in the legal and judicial work and taking into account the developments of the current legal stages, as well as working on the principle of objective approaches to the subjects and curricula of law in the region and the world in line with the establishment of a modern experiment

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